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We don't make engines, we make engines greener by being more efficient and eliminating virtually all pollutants without use of any after-treatments.  We are biofuel ready now and can burn any liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon fuel on the fly.

For military applications our technology provides increased stealth through reduced sound, no smoke, and lower heat signature.  In addition we eliminate contaminated fuel issues, increase fuel efficiency, and simplify fuel and spare parts logistics and supply chains.

Here, you will find everything you need to recognize the advantages of the revolutionary Zajac engine design: our unique technology, its competitive advantage, the environmental benefits, and economic opportunity.

  What We Do

We have developed the game-changing Zajac Total Combustion (Z-TC) technology that transforms internal combustion engines into an efficient, flexible, and non-polluting solution for power generation, military, construction & other off-road vehicles, trucks and cars.

Benefits of Zajac Total Combustion Technology

Z-TC technology offers unequaled benefits:

  • Delivers more than 50% better fuel efficiency than gasoline engines and pneumatic hybrid technology adds an additional 65% increase for a combined fuel efficiency increase of 150%
  • Runs on any liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon fuel including current or future biofuels

  • Is virtually non-polluting without costly after-treatments
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