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Zajac Motors is a development company located in San Jose, California. With equal parts of technical innovation and business acumen, the Zajac Motors team has focused on the design and development of the patent pending Zajac engine configuration, a ground-breaking approach that, offers at least 25% greater fuel efficiency, runs on any gas or liquid fuel, and produces virtually zero pollutants even without catalytic converters or after treatment.

During the last five years, technical advances in material science, system control, and variable valve timing have made it possible to move the Zajac engine design from concept to a reality. At the same time, economic and geo-political changes – rising fuel prices, concern for the environment, and new government emissions regulations – have emerged as powerful incentives to bring this solution to market as soon as possible.

Zajac Motors has successfully developed feasibility models and subsystems that validate the core Zajac technology and its benefits. We are currently testing an advanced valving system, which, in conjunction with the Zajac engine design, will substantially improve efficiency over existing diesel engine technology.

Investment and funding activities will fuel the next phase of our development: the production of beta engines and customer demonstrations. This is positioning Zajac Motors to license the proven engine design to approved technology partners for commercial development.


Equal parts of technical innovation and business acumen are leading the charge