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The Zajac Technology | Intellectual Property and Patents

Zajac Motors holds many patented and patents-pending technologies that reflect the company’s commitment to forward-thinking and creative "out-of-the-box" problem solving.  

The Zajac engine technology concept is truly unique.

The Zajac approach utilizes advanced valve, combustion chamber, material, and computer technologies. Without these “enabling” components, the Zajac engine would not be possible and thus could not be built before now.

Intellectual Property
Zajac Motors highly values its intellectual property.  To date, eighteen United States patents have been issued/allowed with additional patents pending or filed.  International patents have also been filed.  Zajac Motors expects to be filing for additional technology patents as the company's intellectual property continues to grow.

                            United States patents issued/allowed to Zajac Motors

         June 2006              Engine cylinder configuration flexibility and methods
          July 2007              Valve sealing flange which can be sealable while being adjustable
      February 2008           Belt and chain drive movement for adjustable engine valves
      February 2008           Gear drive movement for adjustable engine valves
          July 2008              Engine with software control system
          July 2008              Silent and efficient Jake engine braking
    September 2008          Constant pressure engine purpose and methods
    September 2008          Low idling RPM, easy starting engine
    September 2008          Valves and seals description and movement
    September 2008          Valves description and operation
      October 2008            Constant temperature engine method and purpose
     November 2008          High constant compression ratio engine with low head clearance
       January 2009           Overall engine description, method, operation and configuration
      February 2009           High efficiency, work recovery, acceleration, high altitude operation
          April 2009             Folded combustion chamber with rough wall
          July, 2010             Combustion chamber requirements and methods in combination with engine
          July, 2010             Combustion chamber using ceramic side-wall to reduce losses
          July, 2010             Combustion chamber using protrusions and flow turbulators for better mixing
           Pending               Combustion chamber flow separation and method
           Pending               Low force, lubrication free, high temperature valve design
           Pending               Engine method for boosting air intake an increasing power


With many US and international patents issued and pending, Zajac engine technology represents a truly unique approach with equally distinctive advantages.