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The worldwide internal combustion engine market represents a $400 billion dollar market, and the Zajac engine’s high fuel efficiency, non-polluting, and fuel independence attributes address this market’s needs like no other.
Technology Licensing 
Zajac Motors will remain a focused development company, and will therefore not bring this technology to market itself. Instead, we will license the Zajac engine technology to qualified manufacturing partners who will produce and sell the engine for their lines of trucks, cars, off road vehicles and generators.
Those who license this technology as early adopters will bring the engine’s economic and environmental benefits to their customer base, and gain the resulting competitive advantage and increased market share.
Meeting EPA Emissions Standards
Producing Diesel engines that utilize Zajac Motors' technology will greatly benefit manufacturers that are incurring significant costs associated with meeting the EPA’s current and foreseeable rulings for emissions standards.

In their attempts to meet EPA standards, today’s manufacturers pay millions of dollars in development costs to add after treatment fixes (filters, converters) to existing engine technologies. In addition to being costly, these after treatments reduce engine reliability, efficiency and profitability. Other manufacturers are incurring costs in the form of EPA fines for non-compliance. In both cases, these expenditures negatively impact the manufacturers’ bottom lines.

The Zajac approach eliminates the need for costly after treatment technologies – or fines – by offering a solution that avoids producing non-standard emissions in the first place. In fact, Zajac Motors' technology already meets all current and anticipated EPA emissions standards without the use of costly after treatments. Our focus is to advance engine technology with a fresh approach, not to add costly and inefficient fixes to outdated engine designs.
A Lean toward Green 
The EPA is not the only group pushing corporations to be more eco-friendly. Consumers and stock holders increasingly pressure suppliers to take on greater sustainability and environmental stewardship initiatives. The Zajac technology will distinguish Zajac Motors’ partners as those who take corporate responsibility seriously.
A Leg Up 

Zajac Motors' technology combines an industry standard Diesel engine block with a patented engine head. Technology partners can utilize existing manufacturing infrastructure, and need only license the engine head technology from Zajac Motors.

To learn more about the Zajac Motors' licensing model, please click here or call 408-226-0750.

Zajac Technology Partners stand to gain:  

  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased market share and profitability
  • Lower development costs to comply with EPA standards
  • Recognition for corporate responsibility
  • Environmental and economic benefits